Profane Anything Band

Ok, let's add Austin to that 'where the best bands come from' list I have going, along with Hamilton ON.
Profane Anything Band is the second band from there that I've fallen madly in love with after reviewing in the last week.

Check out Pogo Party Records guys!

Pogo Party Records is an independent punk label out of Brantford, ON. Right now, we are strictly 
doing cassette releases of some of our favourite pop punk/hardcore albums. Party!

Listen to The Chewers if you like weird shit!

And I mean 'weird shit' in a good way.
It's almost not even music, but more entertainment.
Something to replace morning cartoons with as you're frying your bacon!

Serafia - Touching My So..mething Something ;)

I got an email from Serafia thanking me for 'all I do for the world of music' and almost cried it was so sweet. She sent me this video and I, simply based on how nice and not dirty she was in the email, was sooo surprised when I noticed how fucking sexual the song AND the video are! Holy shit. I love it.
Let me just say... girls (plural) in a shower. 
Hey baybayyys! 
Cum on now, watch tit. 

FREELERT! Darko - "Seaward"